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Beflockung Von Profilen

Beflockung Von Profilen

AIGLE-Geräte sind für die Beflockung von Gummiprofilen und mehr konzipiert. Die Profilbeflockung wird hauptsächlich in der Automobilindustrie eingesetzt, zur Erzielung einer Anti-Rassel-, Reinigungs- und ästhetischen Wirkung.

Forced Air Cooling Unit – mod. AFC

  The Forced Air Cooling Unit mod. AFC is placed in a profile flocking line after the vulcanisation oven; its function is to lower the profile temperature before sanding and glue spraying. The unit is equipped with an A.C. motorized conveyor belt made with...

Brushing Unit – mod. SZ3

The Brushing Unit mod. SZ3 is used to clean profiles from sanding residue before glue application, or from flock residue after vulcanization. It consists of: - A structure on four wheels, allowing easy movability of the machine - Three brushes with natural...

Caterpillar – mod. CTP800

The Caterpillar mod. CTP800 consists of a strong, motorized frame installed in the lower part, and a couple of opposed 10 mm rubber covered “Poly V” belts, installed in the upper part. Drive transmission is obtained with a special “Schmidt” joint. A double...