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AIGLE: Flocking, Coating and Laminating Equipment

AIGLE began its activities in 1958 building machinery for the flocking of each type of application. During its first decade, AIGLE contributed greatly in developing the technology of flocking, with particular reference to its application in the textile industry. In 1968 AIGLE began undertaking the production of coating and lamination machinery which was considered as natural evolution from the previous products.

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Flocking is an industrial process which gives the treated product a velvety and soft effect.

The surface to be...

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Coating is an industrial process which consists of the provision of a base (fabric, paper, etc.) and the application on...

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Laminating Equipment

The techniques of lamination are used to bind together two or more sheet-materials (e.g. fabric, paper, etc.). The...

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Ovens and Finishing

AIGLE produces drying ovens and finishing units. Decades of experience in the design and manufacture of machinery and...

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