AIGLE Macchine srl

16-20 June 2014 Shanghai AIGLE took part at ITMA ASIA + CITME 2014 on June 16-20 - 2014 in Shanghai - China Since 2008, a combined show known as “ITMA ASIA + CITME” has been held in China, scheduled to …

Flock association of Europe

The Flock Association of Europe, is the central representation of interests of all participating companies of the flock technique. The Flock Association of Europe's main objectives, besides setting up networks, are to make known the advantages and features of new...


The Texbima Consortium was established in 1983 to offer to member companies the chance to explore new channels of access to the global market. It combines not only the supplier companies, but also the textile company partners, in order to share experience and...

flocking screen print

We have recently installed flock printing units for sheets and garments. Our equipment guarantees good performance in terms of productivity, quality and reliability.


The Electro-pneumatic Flock Distributor for Object Flocking has compact sizes and easy handling to allow industrial productions and/or sampling. The unit consists of two separate elements: The containing/dosing group The spraying group The containing/dosing group is a...

Tiles Flocking

AIGLE has produced a new line for tiles flocking designs. This innovative production line is a unique business opportunity as it is very interesting.


AIGLE has completed with success an innovative plant for flocking car glove boxes, that uses anthropomorphic robots for glue application and flocking. The configuration and characteristics of the oven considerably increases the overall line productivity.