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Coagulation Lines

Coagulation Lines

The coagulations lines are used for the production of synthetic leather. Unlike the transfer coating which is a dry process, this is wet. The support is first impregnated with PU and after in DMF with water. The coagulation process allows the production of synthetic leather with breathable and aesthetic effects that make it very similar to authentic leather.

Coagulation Line – mod. LC

  The features of the Coagulation Line - mod. LC are: - Fabric, unwound from rolls, is threaded through the accumulator. The accumulator contains 40 linear meters of base-cloth, providing sufficient time to replace an empty roll with a new roll and joining...

Stenter – mod. RAM/F

Features of the Stenter mod. RAM/F: - Heating system; equipped with a circulation fan, a battery, oil related blowers, channel recovery and a filter. To ensure uniform heating and air distribution, the fields are opposing right/left. In order to reduce the...