AIGLE Macchine srl



AIGLE provides the widest variety of finishing lines for coated, flocked and laminated fabrics. As a partial example we produce:

- Embossing ("air" and "hot")

- Print

- Lamination

- Sanding

Blowing/Embossing Machine – mod. AP1

The Blowing/Embossing Machine mod. AP1 is used to emboss flocked fabric. It must be placed between the flocking unit and the oven in order that it operates while the adhesive is still wet. The embossing effect is obtained by blowing air through rotary screen...

Calendering Unit – mod. GG/IR

The Calendering Unit mod. GG/IR can operate with hot or cold calendering roll. It consists of: - Two heavy duty and steady machine shoulders which carry all the machine elements - Counter roller covered with hard neoprene rubber - Hard chromed ground upper...

Three Head Printing Line – mod. LST

The Three Head Printing Line mod. LST allows: - The reduction of the cost of the printing cylinders (only the external shell is replaced) - Easy access to replace the printing cylinders - Change in the fabric tension when the machine stops or when the printing...