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Flame Bonding Lamination Line – mod. LAF

Technical Features

Flame Bonding Lamination Line – mod. LAF

Advantages of our technology are:
Laminating calander: it has two couples of horizontally placed cylinders. The burners are placed horizontally: in such a way that they remain clean, thus avoiding frequent cleaning halts and reducing the amount of waste material. Stopping the burners frequently also causes the flame to become irregular, with low quality production as a result.

- Cylinder with perforated surface and vacuum suction system mounted in the lower part of the calander, with the following advantages:

  • Air passage through the laminated material allows for immediate cooling, therefore leading to higher laminating strength
  • Elimination of fumes coming from the laminated polyurethane foam allows for odourless end-products
  • Flame precision in order to assure a perfectly uniform thickness of the laminated material
  • High quality of the construction material employed guarantees a high reliability and production value, as specifically required by the car industry

- Natural or Synthetic face fabrics, weight range 100/400 gr/m2
- Natural or Synthetic fabrics for back sides, weight range 50/120 gr/m2
- PVC and PU artificial leather
- Plastic films
- Non-woven, excluding polypropylene type

- Max. thickness of PU foam 15 mm
- Min. thickness of PU foam 2 mm
- Density of PU foam kg/m3 20/36

The line consists of:
- An unwinder for PU foam
- A welding machine for PU foam
- An accumulator for PU foam vertical
- Flame laminating machine complete with two burners and two calanders. Motor commands to place burners and calanders and to adjust flame intensity. Flame presence monitoring system.
- Two unwinders
- Two expander rollers
- Motor-fan hoods for suction of fumes produced during lamination
- A drum with a large diameter and perforated surface fitted with an axial motor-fan. This is for the suction of residual fumes and to cool the product, in order to assure a higher adhesive power of the material
- Laminated product vertical accumulator, adjustable tension on the PU foam, two mobile roller racks, electro-pneumatic clutch and pneumatic clamping group
- Contact rewinder automatically synchronizes by dancer roller, safety emergency device

Technical Data

400 V/50 Hz/three-fase
70 kW
7+-1 Kg/cm2
from 1600 to 3200 mm