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Laminating Equipment

Laminating Equipment

The techniques of lamination are used to bind together two or more sheet-materials (e.g. fabric, paper, etc.). The process can take place with the use of different techniques depending on the products used and depending of the technical and/or aesthetic desires required.

AIGLE offers different lamination plants:

- "wet", with coating head and lamination unit

- "powder", with powders melt distribution and infrared units

- "flame", for polyurethane foams

- "hot melt", for thermoplastic type PES, PA, EVA and PE

Laminating Group – mod. GRA/1

The Laminating Group mod. GRA/1 is for wet lamination and dry-coat lamination technology. It consists of: - Upper unwinding unit with aligning system of the fabric to be laminated with fabric unwinding position with couples of beam-holder self-closing chucks and...

Hot Melt Lamination Line – mod. LHM

  The most important hot-melt application systems are the multi-roller system and the engraving roller system. The use of proper extruders and melters guarantees a proper feeding of the hot-melt adhesive to the application area. The main differences between...

Laminating Line – mod. AT2

  The Laminating Line mod. AT2 is composed of: - Unwinding Group mod. UT2/AS, consisting of: UNWINDING TROLLEY FOR LARGE ROLLS mod. UT2 AXIAL UNWINDER mod. AS with universal fast joint for unwinding trolley connection - Coating Head mod. BS2,...

Flame Bonding Lamination Line – mod. LAF

Advantages of our technology are: - Laminating calander: it has two couples of horizontally placed cylinders. The burners are placed horizontally: in such a way that they remain clean, thus avoiding frequent cleaning halts and reducing the amount of waste material....

Powder Distribution Unit – mod. TDP/M

The Powder Distribution Unit mod. TDP/M consists of one hopper containing powder, with an inverter-controlled dosing cylinder of adjustable speeds placed at its base. A doctor blade opposed to the cylinder is used to adjust powder output. A rotating brush is mounted...

Hot Melt Lamination Line – mod. LHM

Application systems for hot-melt lamination lines: - System with smooth or engraved cylinder - Slot system. Aigle collaborates with Bridarolli Srl in the use of hot-melt systems. The combination of these experiences allows us to offer a reliable and consolidated...